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"There is no substitute for learning to control your own musculoskeletal pain. Treating myofascial trigger points yourself addresses the source of that kind of common pain and is not just a way of temporarily relieving it."
David G. Simons, M.D.

Improve Your Health

For Trigger Point therapy to be effective, you must be able to relax the muscles you are trying to treat.  Other products are hand held devices (Click here to compare).  Using arm powered tools requires arm and hand strength, which minimizes the effectiveness and duration of the therapy.

The Pressure Pointer relies On Leg Power to provide the firm pressure needed without tiring sore and painful upper body muscles.  Leg Power also allows the target muscles to be relaxed during treatment, allowing extended treatment duration and maximizing effectiveness. 

Leg Power also enables the user to perform specific stretches while applying pressure at the same time.  This just isnít possible with the hand held devices.

The Pressure Pointer also includes a variety of interchangeable heads which can range from very specific, localized pressure to broader, rolling massage.  Since everyone is different, having many options allows you to maximize your treatment while providing the most comfort for your individual needs. 

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Save Money

Not everyone can afford to get a daily or even weekly massage. But pesky trigger points appear chronically because you have to continue the many activities that cause the pain such as driving a car or using the computer. Now you can purchase the Pressure Pointer for the cost of a single visit, and it provides Effective Self-Therapy any time you need it. For Life-Long Relief.



"I think the Pressure Pointer is the best self-massage therapy tool available."
Teresa Boynton, MS, OTR


"We've found that no amount of manual massage, heat therapy, or anti-inflammatory can relieve pain and muscle stress like the Pressure Pointer."
John and Susan Salisbury

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