A little bit about the Pressure Pointer

I was in pain for many years, going to chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists trying to relieve pain in a few areas of my back, neck and shoulders. It usually felt like I needed someone to "crack my back" or sometimes I would get a "pinched nerve" in my neck/shoulder if I carried something heavy for a while or if I slept in a certain position. I thought I would be visiting  therapists for the rest of my life.

In 1997, while working on the computer for long hours I developed what I call “mouse shoulder” from using the computer mouse, a frozen band of  tight pain from the base of my neck down to my shoulder joint. I couldn't tip my head back or turn my head to the right without debilitating pain.   

Physical therapy only bought me short-term pain relief. After my orthopedist told me that surgery was my only option for a pain-free life, I broke down and scheduled a surgery date. 

Before my operation was scheduled,  I had heard about a small hand held, cane shaped device to self-treat the painful areas of my back. I recognized right away that the device made a huge positive difference. But after working with it I realized I could only use it for a few minutes at a time before my arms became tired, mainly because I was using the muscles I was trying to treat.. 

Since I am a product development engineer, I decided to put my skills to work and build a better device that would allow me to treat my back without tensing my shoulder muscles, leading to the development of the foot powered Pressure Pointer! The eureka moment came when I realized I could use foot power to apply soft or firm pressure for extended periods of time without exerting the muscles that were causing the pain.

After a couple of weeks treating my own pain, a second advantage of foot power became apparent - Since my upper body muscles were not being exerted for the self-therapy, I could move those muscles through their range of motion and stretch them while applying the desired pressure, what some of the therapists had called Active Release Technique. That was the turning point for me, now I could "crack" my own back and was on my way to a pain free life!

After I realized that the medical community was not accurate, my pain was not caused by a defective skeleton or lack of core body strength, it was caused by over-use and then localized cramping, of a few muscles, I canceled the surgery and in all these years I have not seen a therapist and I have had 100% mobility and no pain. I still do many of the things that used to cause my pain, like use a computer or drive a car, but when I feel a knot developing I use my Pressure Pointer for routine maintenance and I stay pain-free. 

I'm thankful that I found something so simple and easy to use that transformed my life, so I started a company to build Pressure Pointers. I hope it helps you regain a life of comfort and ease as well. There is a 30-day money back guarantee so you can see if self-treatment of your back pain is as effective as it was for me. 

After you purchase your Pressure Pointer, I invite you to share your experience with us. 

Gary Turell
Inventor of the Pressure Pointer


Pressure Products
9600 NCR 5
Wellington, Co. 80549


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