The Pressure Pointer compared to the hand held models like TheraCane® and Back Buddy®. The Pressure Pointer is basically like a Foot Pedal powered TheraCane® or Back Buddy®.
There are many hand operated products to help relieve back pain. All of the hand powered devices have the same basic design feature, you have to use the muscles you are trying to treat to operate them. Trigger Point therapy has been shown to relieve pain and doing it yourself can be the most effective method, since you are in control of where and how much pressure to use. Self therapy is certainly the least expensive way to enjoy the pain relief of trigger point therapy, but the benefits are diminished if the user has to use sore muscles to treat the target muscle. Foot power allows the user to relax the arm/shoulder muscles that hurt, while applying soft or firm pressure for long periods of time, this just isn't possible with hand powered designs. In all the pictures below, the users are targeting the muscles of the upper back, only the Pressure Pointer allows the user to relax her right arm and shoulder while applying pressure to that side, all the others use both arms (and upper back muscles)  extensively. Some look like they might be exercising.


Pressure Pointer®

TheraCane® PowerGlide® Backnobber® Myotool® BackBuddy® 

Leg Power

Leg power provides firm, sustainable pressure without fatigue allowing the target muscles to relax.

Arm power means that you use the muscles you are trying to treat.


A variety of interchangeable rolling massage heads provides tailored therapy.

Non-interchangeable solid heads.

Adjustable Size

Adjustable length allows users of all sizes to be comfortable.

One size fits all?


Aluminum body ensures strength while allowing some forgiving flexibility. The foam hand grip offers comfort for extended therapy sessions.

Hands get tired and slippery trying to hold tight.

You be the judge! Try it for 30 days, if you do not feel the Pressure pointer is best for you, just return it for a hassle free refund.

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