Serratus Posterior Superior Muscle Location and Trigger Points

Muscle Location and Trigger Points 

The Serratus Posterior Superior looks very similar to the Rhomboid muscles, but is, in fact, very different.  This muscle runs underneath the shoulder blade and attaches to multiple ribs.  Its primary function is to help raise the ribcage when breathing in.  

Serratus Posterior Superior Referred Pain Patterns

Referred Pain Patterns

Front Referred Pain Patterns

Since the muscle runs under the shoulder blade, treating this muscle requires moving the shoulder blade out of the way.  When using the Pressure Pointer, reach the arm of the affected side across the chest to move the shoulder blade away.

Trigger Points in the Serratus Posterior Superior cause a deep aching pain under the shoulder blade.  Additionally, pain or numbness can be found in the back of the shoulder, the elbow, and the pinky finger of the hand.  Finally, the Serratus Posterior Superior can refer pain to the back of the upper arm and forearm, as well as the pectoral, or chest, region. 

Serratus Posterior Superior Stretch

Begin standing with arms hanging loosely to the sides.
Breathe in slowly and as deeply as possible, while slowly raising arms to the side until above head.
Hold for 5 seconds.
Slowly exhale while lowering arms back to sides.
Repeat 3-6 times, at least three times daily.

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