What People Are Saying

A patient recently introduced me to the Pressure Pointer and I was extremely impressed with the design, quality and performance. We are often asked for home product recommendations and thought this would be great to promote to our patients/athletes.
Dr. Jeff Hill

I think the Pressure Pointer is the best self-massage therapy tool available. Client's find it easy to use after brief instruction, and prefer it when given the choice of using the Backnobber or Theracane. With the Pressure Pointer, effective stretching can be performed while applying gentle sustained pressure using your foot instead of having to use your arms to apply the pressure. It is an especially helpful tool for employees who work on computers, and experience upper back and scapulae area tightness and pain. I think companies should keep Pressure Pointers in their break rooms for employees to use on a regular basis.
Teresa Boynton, MS, OTR

As a practicing physical therapist and athletic trainer, I have had my patients and athletes utilize the Pressure Pointer as well as other pressure therapy tools.  In my experience, the Pressure Pointer has been overwhelmingly the tool of choice for a variety of reasons.  First, the ability of the patient to use leg force to apply the necessary pressure instead of their arms allows the target tissues to relax which is a necessity for successful treatment.  Second, the multiple interchangeable heads allow for a wide variety of treatment goals aimed at reducing pain, superficial and deep myofascial dysfunctions.  Third, the Pressure Pointer is user friendly and is a fantastic modality to most soft tissue treatments.
Robb Blackaby  MSPT, ATC     

What a great product! I've tried everything from Ma Rollers to Theracanes and most of the stuff in between. The Pressure Pointer allows me to work out knots from my knees to my neck that have been there for years. Thanx for a great addition to my self care arsenal!
Meredith Friedman

The Pressure Pointer is a most effective, and valuable tool for this condition, and one which I cannot do without.  It has eliminated any need, however misguided, for recurrent and expensive trips to the Doctors for treatment or surgery.  I much prefer it over the Theracane and BackNobber as they do not allow for the use of the powerful leg and foot muscles to apply the needed pressure.  
Dick Salisbury

I have had chronic upper thoracic and lower cervical back and neck pain for years. I've been to chiropractors and physical therapists, with no long term solutions for relief. Then, while at a friend's house, I tried the Pressure Pointer and knew I had to have one. It is by far the best tool I've found to deep massage while stretching the muscles that aggravate me most--those between and up under my shoulder blades. The Pressure Pointer, in combination with strengthening exercises to improve posture has been my home care solution for a healthy, happy back!
Joey Sneva

  I really love your Pressure Pointer. I work on a computer all day, every day, and sometimes my back, shoulders and neck get so tense that I have to quit. Some of my friends tried to get me to buy a Pressure Pointer, but I resisted for a long time because of the cost. I realize that the cost really isn't that bad if you compare it to a visit to the doctor, chiropractor or a massage, but it seemed like a lot. Finally after a particularly bad day I broke down and purchased one, and I am glad that I did. The Pressure Pointer lets me message my back and shoulders myself when I need it. The combination of massage and stretching relieves most of the pain so I can continue to do what I want.  I like the Pressure Pointer so much that I just bought a 2nd one to give to my sister. 
Thanks, Mike Barry

After twenty years of lower back tension pressing on the sciatica nerve I found your product able to dig into the tension and relieve the tightness that could not be relieved through stretching or chiropractic adjustments. It has opened up doors of activity that were thought to be closed.   I thank God your product has given me a second chance.  
Gratefully  Thankful,  Jim ez Foss  Warwick R.I.

"I just wanted to commend you on such a wonderful product.  I have been diagnosed with Myofascial pain, which resulted from a car accident back in February 2002.  Last night I used it and it felt wonderful.  I could feel the relief almost instantly. For someone who hasn't had a pain free day since my accident, it was wonderful to have a product handy that helped make my pain less intense, if just for a few minutes.  Thank you for this innovation!"

Tanisha Cross Garner
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

Dear Pressure Products,
Your product is incredible. We've had the pleasure of using the Pressure Pointer for quite a while now. In that time, We've found that no amount of manual massage, heat therapy, or anti- inflammatory can relieve pain and muscle stress like the Pressure Pointer. It's unique design allows me to find a comfortable seated position while using it. Using my hands to guide the roller head while I regulate massage pressure with a foot is a stroke of genius. This combination allows me to apply the perfect amount of pressure to just the right spot. All the while, my back and shoulders remain relaxed and ready to be massaged. The Pressure Pointer's adjustability allows everyone in the family to use it, and the interchangeable roller sizes give us many options for the right massage. What a great product!
Thank You,

John and Susan Salisbury

"I prefer the rolling heads of the Pressure Pointer over the Thera Cane, I highly recommend the Pressure Pointer to everybody. Thank you for a truly great product."
Sal D'Ambrosia

"There was a knot between my shoulder blades for years, I've tried all the back tools I could find, only the Pressure Pointer has been able to get at it in a way that stops the pain. Thanks for making such a great product available."
 Jill Peterson, Office Manager

"The Pressure Pointer made my neck pain go away. I keep it at the office now and use it during breaks and sometimes even stay a few minutes late so I can use it before I drive home."
Ann G., CAD technician

"I have found your device to be the best remedy yet for relieving the shoulder and neck pain I get from using the computer all day."
Steve Donlin, Graphic Designer.