Trapezius Muscle Location and Trigger Points

The Trapezius is a major source of headache pain, typically the type of pain experienced as a “tension headache.”  It can also be a cause of dizziness, jaw, and toothache pain.  Tightness felt in the neck and back of the skull often comes from Trigger Points in the Trapezius. 

If neck massage does not relieve the sensation of tightness in the neck, Trigger Points in the Trapezius are the most likely culprit.

If a computer user has an aching feeling on the top of the shoulder, they may have what many doctors call "Mouse Shoulder". This is caused by the overuse of the shoulder muscles used to operate the computer mouse. The trapezius is a common muscle that is exposed to this type of over-use, but other muscles are most likely involved as well.  People that use their arms for extended periods of time while doing any task that requires holding their arms out in front of them, like driving a car or an assembly line worker, will recognize a burning pain between the shoulder blades.

Trapezius Referred Pain Patterns

Referred pain from the Trapezius can be found in such a wide variety of locations, that it commonly leads to misdiagnosis, including shoulder bursitis, headaches, disc compression, or a “pinched nerve.”  Using the Pressure Pointer can help alleviate your symptoms.

Head Referred Pain Patterns

To get the head of the Pressure Pointer perpendicular to the trigger points (right shoulder), use your left foot to apply pressure while relaxing your right shoulder muscles. Roll your head forward and to the left, while pulling your elbow across your body. Hold pressure on the point for 10-15 seconds while slowly rocking your head and shoulder back and forth. Move up and down the muscle fiber a half inch or so to find other points and repeat the hold.
Self Massage motion is similar to: Rhomboid, Serratus Posterior, Supraspinatus

Drinking lots of water and stretching before and after a therapy session can greatly improve your healing process. Also try taking Aspirin or Ibuprofen a half hour or so before trigger point therapy. The therapy will increase blood flow to the area and bring the pain reliever right where you need it.

Place right arm behind back, and grasp wrist with left hand, as shown.
Bend neck sideways to the left while pulling on right arm.
Hold for 10-15 seconds.
Repeat for other side.
Repeat cycle three times before and after trigger point therapy.  

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